Picture taken by Marie-Louise

from kennel New Born's.

The dog is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier and is owned by Lotta at kennel VIP-Win's.

About me

My great interest in free time is dogs. Dogs are absolutely wonderful. My interest in dogs has long been great and today I enjoy being the owner of a wonderful Cairnterrier. He's always with me as much as possible. For a few years back, dog show has become something I would rather spend time with.

Everyday I work in the grocery store in a store called Harald Nyborg. There I have been working since the summer of 2010 and have absolutely wonderful colleagues, so better it can not be.


I, Tobias Cederström, is related to Christer & Marina at Jilltorp`s kennel.

Coming from January 2018 will show their Dandie Dinmont Terrier by the name of Sixten.

I have been since the summer of 2017 handler for a number of dogs when it comes to a dog show. A lot of fun and a great deal of trust are available from interested parties that this will be successful.

The dogs

Welcome to visit our dogs' personal pages.

Breed Standard

Here I link breed standard from the Swedish kennel club on the breeds we have or have had in the household.

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