News 2 - Gothenburg

Lyckeby, 9 january 2018


Then it was time for 2018's first news from us.

It's time for me to tell you a little about our days in Gothenburg.


On Friday, January 5, my car was packed early in the morning and then heading up to Gothenburg. A drive of approximately 6 hours. Once upon a time we checked into our booked hotel room at Hotell Allén in Gothenburg. A very good hotel and walking distance to the exhibition. Perfect as the parking lot next to the exhibition will always be full only half an hour after the veterinary inspection has begun. The evening was calm and only a little bit of preparation for Saturday's exhibition was made.


In the morning, Saturday the 6th of January, it became a good hotel breakfast and then a bit of tipping on the dogs before we set off for the show. Once upon a time, the sieve was taken to the ring where we would put the dogs.

Later that morning, Bosse came with his Aramis, Lotta from VIP-Win's Kennel with Ebble and Marie-Louise from Kennel New Born's with his Frida. The good happy gang was now back in place.

The day offered a lot of laughter, a lot of talk and of course leftover friendship in the ring with our dogs.

Our Amigo "SE UCH Collector's Incredible MR. Dubbs" got Excellent with a 3rd place in the competition.

Lotta from VIP-Win's kennel with his Ebble "Dainty Dandies River Ebble" got Excellent with Cert and 2nd in the competition.

Marie-Louise from Kennel New Born's with his Frida got Excellent and ended with the BOB veteran.

In the final round, Marie-Louise with Frida was discontinued in the first lap.


It was everything from Saturday but a new day at the exhibition was on Sunday, January 7th.

Early breakfast, piff with dogs and packing to accompany the exhibition. Once upon a time we looked for a place that would suit us, in addition to an open door to a provisional hundred place where it was blown away. When we arrived, Bosse with his Aramis had already found himself right at the ring. A little while before the judgments started, Lotta came to Ebble and Marie-Louise with Frida. Again, the same old was happy and good gang gathered.

Our Amigo "SE UCH Collector's Incredible MR Dubbs got on Sunday Excellent and a 4th place in the competition.

Lotta from VIP-Win's kennel with its Ebble "Dainty Dandies River Ebble" got Excellent with Cert, CACIB, BIM and qualified for Crufts 2019. Congratulations!

Marie-Louise with her Frida got Excellent with CK and BOB veteran and was placed 2nd in the competition. Marie-Louise and Frida were in the finals in the afternoon and were discontinued in the first round.


Meanwhile, we waited for the finals in the big ring to start, and we set up a little special breedstand. There were lots of other roses but no one with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier.

Many curious faces both clapped and received a lot of information about this breed. Anyone who may be interested in a dog of this breed was informed that Lotta from VIP-Win's kennel has a bitch called Amulette, waiting for puppies where our Amigo "SE UCH Incredible MR. Dubbs" is the father. We hope there will be puppies, but it's too early to say already when they were partyed on New Year's Eve.

Our breedstand looked like this. Of course it was the most important thing and it was our dogs. The picture shows Frida, Sixten and Amigo.


We end this with a very big congratulations to all the great wins!

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