News 4 - Terrierderby, Malmö

Lyckeby, 29 November 2017




Then it was time for an update. During the weekend, it was time for a new exhibition. Specifically, November 26th, Terrierderbyt in Malmö held a room at Malmömässan.


On Saturday, November 25th, my car was packed and then taken to Malmö and there to enter a hotel. There was a stop at Galleria Boulevard in Kristianstad for lunch at Burger King. Then we went on to Malmö where we checked in at Best Western Malmö Arena Hotel in the afternoon. A very good hotel according to me.


In the afternoon we went out and ate with our good friends Eva and Björn from ZooTropic. It became a nice evening as usual with many laughs. They had a booth at the exhibition so little talk, it was also on the exhibition day.


What we did not know but showed later in the afternoon on Saturday that our friends Lotta Berglund from Kennel VIP-Wins and Marie-Louise Nilsson from Kennel New Born's would also stay at this hotel. A very positive surprise.

On Sunday when the exhibition took place, the day started with the enjoyment of a very good hotel breakfast with Lotta Berglund and Marie-Louise Nilsson.


It was a very lovely moment around the breakfast table.


What we also did not know was that we would later exhibit our dogs in the same exhibition. What I know is that Lotta's little Amulette should take a little break from the show ring but only Lotta knows when Amulette makes comeback.

It was a very lovely day together with good friends and the interest we all share that is exhibition.


The results of this day were as follows:


Amigo: CHKL Excellent, CHKK 2nd.


This was the 2017 final show. We will start in 2018 with an exhibition at MyDog in Göteborg Saturday 6 January and also Sunday 7 January.

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