News 5 - Tånga hed

Lyckeby, 14 October 2017


Then it was time for an update.


In the morning of Friday 6 October my car was packed for a trip to Tånga Hed where there was a organized dog show organized by the West Swedish Terrier Club on Saturday. On this trip, Christer & Marina was from Jilltorp`s kennel and my sister.


On Saturday it was time for the exhibition. We arrived well and got good places.


A little later in the morning, Lotta from Kennel VIP-Win's appeared with his Ebble and Marie-Louise from Kennel New Born's with his Frida up. Lotta put his Dutch female Ebble at the show. It was a nice day for our little gang where we all are part of the Dandie Dinmont Friends Network.


So to the results.


Christer from Jilltorp's kennel placed our Swedish exhibition champion Collector's Incredible MR. Dubbs (Amigo). By Judge Helge Kvivesen from Norway, the result was Very Good. The first time I saw that a champion has got this result.

Lotta from Kennel VIP-Win's showed his Dutch female Dainty Dandies River Ebble. By Judge Helge Kvivesen from Norway, the result was Junior Class Excellent and in the competition placed 1st. In BIS Junior, Dainty Dandies River Ebble was taken in the first round. Congratulations Lotta for good results this day.

Of course, my Hugo was with but just as a company.

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